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Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.


Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks and trades. We allow our clients to invest in the right bonds & commodities.

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Audit and assurance is all about meticulous data analysis. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, and triple checked.


Agro-processing sector

Agro-processing sector

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Transport & Logistics Sector

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Construction Sector

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Supplemental Customer services

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Meftihe Micro-finance Objective

  • To provide financial services in reliable and efficient way for urban and rural small and micro enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and startup business operators.
  • To provide efficient and effective finance support for renewable energy products provision in the rural and urban areas,
  • To become a leading microfinance institution in Ethiopia and East Africa by providing affordable, accessible and convenient financial services,
  • To reach women and youth petty traders and entrepreneurs with special priority ,
  • To become a strong mobile and agent banking service provider in the country
  • To reduce unemployment by encouraging job creation

Meftihe Micro-finance Goals

  • To make the capital of Meftihe Microfinance 1 billion within coming five years
  • To make the number of loan beneficiaries of Meftihe Microfinance 100,000
  • Making the dividend of Meftihe Microfinance more than 60% by ensuring its profitability
  • Increasing the coverage of Meftihe Microfinance by opening 20 branches
  • Enhancing the relationship between producers and manufacturers by signing the Memorandum of Agreement with 50 agro-processing and exporting companies
  • Maintaining the percentage of bad loan/not repaid loan under 2% by designing strong monitoring strategy
  • Mobilizing 200 million Birr from non-profit organization by preparing and submitting proposals

Meftihe Micro-finance Mission

‘Our mission is to provide financial services to Ethiopian rural and urban active entrepreneurs, women and youth, group and individual business operators, farmers and households to realize their dreams and to support them to achieve the individual as well as the socioeconomic development goals of the nation’.

Meftihe Micro-finance
Description of Shares

  • Total share number 80,000
  • Value of one share 1,000 Birr
  • Minimum number of shares to be purchased 10 shares


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